The SMART System

The SMART System

Accomplishing your Goals: Using the SMART System

SMART System Goals have been in existence for a few decades and they continue to work. This system was designed in 1981 by a George Doran. He shared them in a paper and businesses in all industries have been using them to this day.

The SMART goals system is all about setting goals that fit the SMART acronym. They need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-related.

While it is possible to set goals that do not fit this criteria, without this system, goals are more difficult to achieve. I like the SMART system because it allows me to think about what I can actually do and how long it will take me to accomplish the goals.

SMART System Goals

If I have a goal that I want to achieve, I will run it through the system. I have to ask myself if the goal is specific and if it has a measurable quality to it. Then, I have to decide how much time I need to accomplish the goal and if I can actually do it.

Finally, I have to ask if the goal is something that fits my needs or my business’s needs. If I answer no to any of the questions, then the goal needs to be revised.

One of the goals that I have been working on lately is adding content and blogs to my websites. I have been learning about the ways that online marketing can build businesses and develop brands.

Spelling It Out

So, in crafting my websites I had to set goals and since this is all new to me, I needed to keep my goals small. I decided to set this goal: I will add one blog post per week to each of my websites. Is this SMART? Let’s take a look:

Specific: I will add one blog post. This seems specific to me. However, I do not say how long the posts will be.

Measurable: One blog post per week. That is measurable.

Attainable: I’m quite sure that I can add one post each week. It shouldn’t take me too long to write it, but I will need to set aside some time.

Relevant: Yes, my blog needs to be updated regularly. So, it is important.

Time-related: I have a weekly goal. But, I do not say when I will stop this goal. So, there are some issues with my goal.

Here is my revised goal: For the next three months, I will spend an hour on Monday afternoons so I can write one blog post of at least 350 words to add to my blog each week. This is an attainable goal that is specific, measurable, and relevant. It also has several time factors included. When the three months are finished, I will reflect on the outcome of this time that I spent writing about my business and my life.

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