Small Business and Pricing

Small Business and Pricing

Pricing Products and Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the United States. It can be awfully romantic to think about owning a small business and being the master of your fate. But, small businesses take a serious amount of work to maintain and succeed. There is nothing romantic about them. In fact, they are like children and without constant care, small businesses will not thrive.

An Important Decision

For many small business owners, pricing their products and services is a decision that can make or break them. Large companies are able to offer low prices, simply because they have different operating costs than small businesses have.

All too often, small businesses will try to price their products like their large competitors do. And, all too often, small businesses do not succeed when they try to compete with low prices. Instead of just looking at prices, small business owners should look at their strengths and what gives them an advantage over the large companies.

Prices should not be selected simply because they are lower than the competition. It is important for small businesses to look at more. They should determine who their customers are and if they really do need to offer low prices. In many cases, customers come to small businesses because they want the better services and they are ok with paying more, because they get more one-on-one service.

Watch Price Fluctuations

Just because small businesses can charge more than large companies can, it doesn’t mean small businesses should charge outrageous prices. There is always a limit that customers will pay. Small business owners should constantly be aware of that price because prices do change and so does the willingness of customers to pay high prices. Large companies are always watching the market to determine what they can charge, you should do the same. Small business owners should know that they can price themselves too low and too high – both are difficult ranges to recover. Customers might not be willing to pay higher prices if you decide to increase them. Customers may consider you a company that they can never afford, even if you decide to lower them. Getting the price just right is tough to do, but important to do, too.

Avoid a Price War

No small business wants to get into a price fight with a large company or with other small business competitors. There are a few ways to avoid this. The first is to focus on what you do well and to make it an exclusivity of your business. If you are constantly the best at what you do, you can charge a little more for it. Many companies will only provide products or services that they are easy to maintain. So, if you have any products or services that are not popular with customers or are expensive to maintain, stop offering them. The odds are good that no one will miss them. Finally, work hard to maintain your brand image. If a company wants to engage in a price war, brand loyalty will keep your customers coming back to you – no matter what.


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