Review on focusing work energy from HBR

Review on focusing work energy from HBR

Quick article review on HBR

A lot of my company success can be tied back to discipline and focus. Since restructuring my company into a lean operation, efficiency has become a critical watch word for me.  This Harvard Business Review article is great.

It includes 5 suggestions that resonate with me.

Howard Wool review of HBR article. photo credit HBR
Howard Wool review of HBR article. photo credit HBR

(1) accept the situation and direct your energy to what ‘is’ vs what you might hope it to be.

(2) be aware of your emotions. Acknowledge you feel that way so you can move forward.

(3) suppress any thought that the situation is outside your control. You may not have initiated or welcomed it but helplessness leads to negative thoughts. You can look forward and deal with the hand you were dealt.

(4) communicate to those in your life. Get help and support and make sure they understand what is driving your focus and any stress they may feel.

(5) Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are going to have tough times and make mistake. But determination and perseverance makes all the difference.

Successful people never stop – like the Energizer Bunny!

Personal Execution

Business magazines often like to talk about the glamorous side of corporate America like mergers and acquisition of abstract, c-suite strategies. But personal execution is what really moves a company forward.

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