Lean Business Is For more Than Just Startups

Lean Business Is For more Than Just Startups

My Business Failed

Lean Business Principles Not Only Gave Me a Second Chance But Gave Me More Than I Ever Dreamed

My first chemical supply company, Shari Chemicals grew fast and I added 18 salespeople, expensive offices, company cars and layers of management. When the tough times came (and they do) I wasn’t ready and my business tanked. I lost it and nearly lost everything.

I run my business following my own brand of lean business principles. It has made my smaller, flatter business more profitable and secure than Shari ever was. Here in Baiting Hollow in Long Island, people probably never heard about Environmental Safety.

We don’t have an big offices or billboards. We don’t sponsor the chamber of commerce. But I couldn’t be happier and I found security and comfort that I never did before.

If you are interested in my story please read this below…


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