Howard Wool a business innovator

Howard Wool a business innovator

A Business Innovator

Howard Wool is a business innovator in the industrial chemical sector in the North Eastern US. His company consistently achieves seven figure sales by offering the highest quality industrial chemicals and cleaners to their clients.

He’s been in the industry for over 40 years and knows through experience what it takes to succeed in business. Environmental Safety Incorporated is his second business venture.

His first, Shari Chemicals, operated successfully for several years, but too much overhead and overly generous compensation packages for employees forced him to close the doors. He used the lessons he learned from this initial failure to create the successful business he runs today.

Innovator starting over

Wool’s company Environmental Safety Incorporated is a competitive player in the chemical industry in the North Eastern US. He believes in maintaining low overhead costs and developing strong personal relationships with clients are the keys to business success.

His company has only three other employees besides himself and they operate from an office above his garage. Wool finds this to be all the office space he needs and he loves the casual atmosphere. He can sit back in his favorite chair in a comfortable pair of shorts while serving his clients with an intimate style they appreciate.

He’s a well-respected industry leader because of his strong foundational knowledge and years of experience. Howard uses that experience to develop strong direct relationships with his clients.

Innovator Howard Wool
Innovator Howard Wool

Almost all of the company’s leads are the result of his own hard work and he spends about 60% of his time generating new leads. He believes strongly in combining business with personal intimacy. He always asks his clients how the kids and grandkids are doing before getting down to business.

Howard outside of work

Howard has many interests. When he’s not working hard on growing his business he loves to spend time honing his skills as an amateur musician on his Hammond B3 rock organ. His primary love is classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s.

He’s also an avid bowler and until recently, he played on a local softball team every year as well. These days he maintains his health with a strict 4AM daily visit to the gym.

He’s a father to three grown children and has five wonderful grandchildren .Any spare time he has he spends with the grandchildren playing video games and participating in crafts. Currently, he’s looking at adding a pool for the family’s enjoyment as well.

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