Honoring Service Families this July 4th

Honoring Service Families this July 4th

 Celebrate July 4th

Happy Fourth of July! This Independence Day is sure to be a hot one, so I am planning on some classic summer activities with family and friends–swimming in the pool, popsicles for the kids, hot dogs and burgers on the grill. At night, we will set off some small-scale fireworks, and hopefully catch a glimpse of the huge July 4th display happening a little further from us.

When I think back to summers in my younger years, this holiday always comes to mind. It holds a special place in my heart and encourages me to reflect.

In a year this divisive, I feel especially strong about remembering the great people who sacrifice to make this country great. It is difficult to grasp how it must feel to be deployed, to leave the people you love most for months or even years. To better understand this experience, I looked to the internet.

PBS has a great short video collection, “Stories of Service”, one of which is titled “The Homefront: Raising a Family”.  This video focuses on a man who stepped up when his wife was deployed, and how he assumed the roles of both Mom and Dad to their three kids. These videos helped me realize that like our armed service members, military families serve too.

We can do many things to “support the troops,” and one of those is to honor their families who have and continue to sacrifice for the defense of America. We need to appreciate, respect and honor these families alongside their loved ones who have or are serving.

As I celebrate this country with my family and friends, I am going to make sure this sentiment is at the center of our July 4th celebration.   My family and I wish you all a safe and fun celebration of our country’s Independence.


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