Being A Happy Business Owner

Being A Happy Business Owner

The Joys of Running a Small Business

I have worn many hats in my professional life. I’ve been a teacher, failed business owner, and a successful business owner. A happy business owner is a hat I now wear.

Through all of this, I know what it takes to be successful and much of that comes from the fact that one of my businesses failed miserably. I have also learned that it is possible to look at running a business as a painful experience or as a joyful experience. I would advise being a joyful business owner, as it makes getting up for work in the morning a better experience.

A Few Tips On How I Stay A Happy Business Owner

I have a few other tips for business owners who want to remain joyful:

  1. Learn how to say no. As a business owner, there will be opportunities that arise every single day. There is no way that you can do everything and do it all well. So, learn to say no, so you can focus on the things you can do well.
  2. Learn to do something other than work. I have a few hobbies that I take great pleasure in doing on a regular basis. I have a great car that I love to drive – my Porsche brings me joy. I also love to listen to and play music. Having these outlets give me a reason to step away from the business. And, they give me reasons to keep the business going. I need to have time to relax and unwind, but I also need to pay for those things. The business gives me the means to be able to relax and unwind.
  3. Surround yourself with good people. While I love the business of working with chemicals, I love the people behind the business even more. My employees and customers bring me joy. I appreciate their work and their desire to succeed, too. I have worked with people who bring me down and I’ve worked with people who raise themselves and others up. It is a good idea to keep people in your life who can help solve problems and are dedicated to making work a good place to be. It is important to recognize that every day will not a joyful day – but, with good people, there will be more good than bad.
  4. Enjoy the small stuff. Most of the daily activities in a small business will be small things. Those little tedious things can be overwhelming for someone who is not expecting it. But, if you can learn to love those little things – like bookkeeping, scheduling, communicating, writing, and managing, then life at work will be so much better. The act of unlocking the door should be enough to make you happy, simply because it is YOUR business’s door that you are unlocking each day.


You can be a miserable business owner or a joyful and happy business owner.  Well, I’ve been miserable and it wasn’t fun. Being a joyful business owner makes the days much better.


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