Great Business Results

Great Business Results

One of my biggest joys in life is knowing that I have overcome challenges in my life. I can honestly say that working hard pays off. After working in a variety of industries, from education to law to chemistry, I can say that life is good and business is doing well.


My small business Environmental Safety Incorporated competes against some of the biggest companies in the United States. My first chemical company, Shari Chemicals, failed. But, I didn’t let that slow me down. I learned from my mistakes and started again. As the leader of the company, I have worked hard to make it lean and profitable. Have you seen my Porsche 911? That is a sign that my company is doing well and I can splurge a bit.


Along with being able to spoil myself with the car of my dreams, I am also enjoying the opportunity to give back to my team and clients. We have been able to safely distribute chemicals and provide support for companies while maintaining lean business practices. I am eternally grateful for their hard work and dedication to making Environmental Safety Incorporated a leader in this industry.


I have always believed that the client is number one. So, my business practices involve helping clients find what they need, even if my company cannot provide it. Yes, I’ve had to show clients other places to find what they need, but this keeps our relationships strong. For over 12 years, this business model has worked. My products are priced to sell and they are of the highest quality. I can keep prices competitive because my employees work with what need without waste. Our record year is a sign of hard work in the past and great future together.

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