So Grateful for My Wonderful Family

So Grateful for My Wonderful Family

Being a grandfather has changed my life. I loved being a parent in my younger year, but there is something extra-special about grandkids. In fact, I’ve always loved working with kids – prior to owning Environmental Safety Inc, I taught high school math, chemistry, and physics. Having my large family makes me want to leave work at the end of the day.


One of my favorite things is being able to splurge and share with my children and grandkids. My Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet only has two seats, but I will spend all day driving my grandkids around town one at a time.


I’ve always been a fan of baseball, as I played stickball. Now, I get to share my love of America’s pastime with my grandchildren. It is important that older generations share how special this game is so younger generations can enjoy it, too. Watching my grandchildren play their favorite sports is something that I can enjoy. Their successes fill me with pure joy.


While I enjoy my time spoiling my grandchildren, I also thoroughly enjoy having children who are adults. They are intelligent people who have built their own unique views of the world. We can talk about business, politics, sports, and life in general. Yes, there is still the stress of being a parent and always worrying about my children, but I know they are very capable of taking care of themselves. And, they have turned out to be incredible parents to my lovely grandchildren.


Someday, they will get to take over at the helm of my business and I am so proud that I can put it in their capable hands. I trust that they will do their best with what I have built, because I have built it for them.


I hope my children and grandchildren know that I am incredibly proud of them and that I love them so much.

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