Fair Trade Chocolate from Stony Brook University Incubator in Calverton

Fair Trade Chocolate from Stony Brook University Incubator in Calverton

Fair Trade Chocolate from Stony Brook University Incubator in Calverton

I have a fondness and respect for other small business owners and entrepreneurs in Calverton. Ben Conard is a young entrepreneur who created a company called Five North Chocolate two years ago. The incubator in Calverton has given him a way to live out his dream.

His chocolate is made mainly of cocoa, and his most popular flavor is pistachio sea salt. Other flavors he offers are coconut, goji berry, and coffee. Some of the retail stores that currently sell his products are the Cheese and Spice Market in Wading River and Shade Trees Nursery in Jamesport.

Conard won an award of $10 000 dollars at a competition in November, and he will be using his prize money to buy ingredients and rebrand his packaging.

He has managed to combine three of his passions in his business: good chocolate, health awareness and a passion for fair trade.  He has advocated for fair trade products for many years, some of the principles of which include good wages, good working conditions, and no child labor. He uses fair-trade chocolate to make his chocolate snacks, infused with nuts or berries.

Five North Chocolate is Fair Trade Growth

At the incubator in Calverton, he found a place to hold his hand through the process of starting a food company. His company name derives from the coordinates for the location in West Africa where most of the world’s cocoa is produced. He has a greater vision than just the production of products that taste good. He wants to grow his business to the point where he can work directly with farmers in this area according to fair trade principles. Millions of farmers in the region live in poverty due to lack of fair trade.

He believes consumers should ask more questions about where products come from and question the authenticity of the ingredients. He enjoys eating his own chocolate and spreads the word about his products and the natural ingredients they contain through social media and by attending farmers’ markets. He has a big vision and wants his products to end up in more local stores and in retail stores across the country.


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