My Favorite Casinos To Play Black Jack Near Long Island

My Favorite Casinos To Play Black Jack Near Long Island

Everyone has their vices. I love my Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet and rock-n-roll music. But, I also occasionally love to play a little blackjack. Living near New York City, I have several casinos within driving distance. When I feel the need to sit at the table and watch the cards turn, I hop in my Cabriolet, crank up the rock-n-roll and head over to a few of my favorite casinos.


Jake’s 58 is the newest casino near my home in Baiting Hollow on Long Island. Here, I get to play blackjack as an electronic table game. The casino is loaded with slots, but they recently added video table games. It’s not quite the same as playing with a dealer, but I can still relax and work on winning. The casino is on Long Island and a quick drive from my neighborhood. The food is good and the drinks are wet. I’ve never stayed overnight in the hotel. I really like that the casino is smoke-free.


When I really want to splurge without a long drive, I head over to Resort World for blackjack in the Baccarat Club high limits room. Like Jake’s 58, this casino only has electronic table games, so it’s not quite the same as a weekend at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, but that is two hours away by car. The Baccarat Club at Resort World looks like a fine Asian casino with stylish and comfortable furniture. I can relax and enjoy on-the-house drinks and delicious food. I also enjoy spending time in the Fifth Avenue Club where I use my Black Card to get in and play the $50 blackjack games.


The best casino that I visit on a semi-regular basis is Mohegan Sun. It is a long drive from New York City – over two hours, so when I go, I stay in one of their premium suites, usually an executive suite if they are available. The rooms are luxurious and I try to get the ones with the Bose surround sound so I can relax to my favorite music. I’ll often book a room if I want catch some live music, too. There are over 100 blackjack tables and Mohegan Sun has a blackjack room with a live DJ. Occasionally, I’ll relax in one of the couches in the blackjack lounge, but if the music isn’t my style, I’ll hit up the regular tables. I’ve gambled at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, but I’ve found that I like the more intimate space at Mohegan Sun. It’s a bit more stylized and luxurious.


When I’m hungry at Mohegan Sun, I have a few go-to restaurants. One is Hash-House-A-Go-Go, but I can’t eat there more than once on a visit because the portions are HUGE. Fortunately, I can order slightly smaller versions of their expertly cooked farmhouse food. Otherwise, I can never go wrong with a steak from Michael Jordan’s. It’s always a good time when I’m gambling at Mohegan Sun.











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