Environmentalists Try To Save Calverton Area Land From Developer

Environmentalists Try To Save Calverton Area Land From Developer

Environmentalists Trying to Save Calverton Area Land

This past Memorial Day I was honoring our military and thinking about its influence here in the Calverton area. For decades Riverhead has had difficulties with its most valuable asset, a large undeveloped tract of commercial property. In March 2017, the town of Riverhead endorsed a letter of intent to purchase 1,640 acres of a 3,000-acre parcel of land at EPCAL for $40 million, starting an ongoing saga with various residents and groups up in arms over the proposed sale.

Calverton Aviation and Technology, a joint venture between Luminai Aerospace and Triple Five, made the offer and when a press conference was held in June last year, members of the Riverhead Town Board called for an internal investigation, while various people urged the town not to go ahead with the sale until more information was made available.

Calverton Area Land Grab

A group led by Rex Farr, a longtime resident, and farmer, wants more answers about what Farr calls a ‘land grab’ by Triple Five. Farr was joined by various concerned groups outside the Town Hall recently.

These groups included the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, the Riverhead Neighborhood Preservation Coalition and the North Fork Environmental Society. They want to know why the offer for the land is so low and want more specifics from the developer. They believe the developer may not be revealing details to keep its options open.

Triple Five has reassured all concerned that the plan is to establish a hub that will incorporate manufacturing, research, and development as well as education related to the aerospace industry. They confirm that no housing or retail forms a part of the project.

The Town Board has already held two qualified and eligible sponsor hearings. However, it has still not voted or set a date to vote. Some board members have been accused of trying to steamroll the sale of the land, and one even had an ethics complaint filed against her. She visited Triple Five alone to discuss the EPCAL project.  She says that she was just conducting research so she could make an informed decision.

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