Enjoy Live Music in Calverton

Enjoy Live Music in Calverton

Enjoy live music in Calverton and surrounds

Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard in Calverton often has musicians performing, and the live music draws a large, enthusiastic crowd.

Rickey Roche

This singer and acoustic guitarist has been performing on Long Island for many years. He has cultivated a wide-ranging solo act and often plays at the Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard. He played there in February as part of the Long Island Winterfest and will be performing again in March.

Roche is extremely versatile and sings from a wide variety of musical genres. He also plays both old and new tunes. He may play a Beatles song and follow it up with The Chainsmokers’ Closer. He always includes the audience in his performances and encourages them to sing along.

He has played guitar from a young age and manages to make his solo performance sound as if more than one person is playing. He plays a Taylor 314C, a Charval (for open tunings) and an Ibanez 12 string and says he loves them all.

He also has a great vocal range and can take on the highs and the lows.  He will often nail both male and female vocals in a song. He says he struggled with vocals until he took vocal lessons from Myra Lemer, an opera singer on the Ed Sullivan Show.  She taught him how to maintain his power and range – very important in a schedule that may include up to nine gigs a week. He appears at many restaurants, bars, clubs and private events, including Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard in Calverton.


Frank and Christina Zambella are one of Long Island’s leading musical duos. They sing classic rock, pop, and country with some great harmonies and solos. The songs they sing include Blondie, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Antebellum, the Doobie Brothers, Culture Club, Pink and much more.

Acoustic Soul

Another act you will enjoy hearing at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard in March is Acoustic Soul.  The duo of Thomas Doscher as lead vocalist and Robert Wisoktsy on lead and rhythm guitar play classic rock and rhythm and blues hits. Doscher is an acclaimed vocalist for the Touring Band Hammer of the Gods, the Led Zeppelin Experience, and Robert Wisotsky has a Master’s degree in music education.

Jon and Krista Preddice (Miles to Dayton)

Jon and Krista Preddice have great vocal harmonies and honest, heartfelt delivery.  Krista and Jon are members of the band Miles to Dayton which has built up a large grassroots following of fans, both young and old. The band blends folk, rock and progressive rock into a distinct sound. This husband and wife duo produces soothing music and does cover songs of anything from Bob Dylan and the Beatles to modern hits in a unique acoustic setting.

My audience is my grandchildren

I may not be a professional performer who can keep the crowds entertained, but this doesn’t stop me from playing the keyboard and enjoying making music. My audience is my grandchildren who love seeing their grandpa play, and I hope this will encourage their own love for music.

The Beatles is one of my favorite bands, and I enjoy playing their songs. Playing keyboard is a creative activity because I can experiment and try to teach myself to play some more advanced pieces. I find that music clears my mind and removes my stress.

I also enjoy listening to music as I drive around Baiting Hollow in my car with its great sound system. I will always appreciate the genius of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Their music will always live on, and performers continue to cover their songs. The performers at the live events in Baiting Hollow Vineyard Farm in Calverton are no exception.



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