Creative Recycling in Baiting Hollow

Creative Recycling in Baiting Hollow

Creative Recycling at Giles Nursery in Baiting Hollow

Baiting Hollow is my home and there is lot more here than meets the eye. As you drive along Sound Avenue in Baiting Hollow, you may notice some kinetic sculptures and other metal creations. They grace the grounds of Giles Nursery where Eric Giles handcrafts them from recycled materials.  This is nicknamed creative recycling.

A sustainable lifestyle

Eric and his wife, Rebecca, live on the property and have been in Baiting Hollow for over nine years. Giles has a workshop where he takes all kinds of resources and recycles them into works of art. The nursery is their primary responsibility, but when he can, Eric loves working with metal and wood.

Eric gained a degree in art at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, and Rebecca was an art major at Maine College of Art. They both believe in generating as little waste as possible and have created a lifestyle where they create from what they already possess, purchasing little and hardly throwing anything away. Giles has always believed that everything can be fixed or repurposed.

From old to new is creative recycling

Today he sells furniture in his gallery in Baiting Hollow, made from metal and recycled wood. Materials are often dropped off for him by neighbors who know he will make something from them. Eric believes they do this because they see how little impact the family has on the environment and they want to be a part of it. Eric’s children help him take the lawnmowers etc. apart and then distribute them into organized categories for later use.

Eric loves taking old material and making it into something functional, whether it’s to create energy from wind or a chair to sit on. Sometimes he will make something just because it’s aesthetically pleasing. He enjoys people coming into the gallery to have a look, even if they don’t buy anything.

The gallery

When people walk into the gallery, they are often surprised by what they see – chairs and tables as well as pottery and jewelry made by Rebecca Giles. The couple has built relationships with mechanics and people who work with trees who donate materials to them so they won’t be wasted.

The logs of wood are nailed up and air dried for some years before they are used. The console-type tables are made from different types of wood and have metal or wood bases. Some of them measure up to eight feet long. Eric Giles is prepared to make custom pieces for those who bring him their own recycled materials.  This is creative recycling at its finest.

The couple feels greatly blessed to be able to make a living by using their minds and their hands creatively. They are passing their principles of working with the earth and recycling down to their children.

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