Connect With Me & Leave Me Feedback (If You Dare)

Connect With Me & Leave Me Feedback (If You Dare)

Hi, I believe in taking honest, constructive feedback to get better. If we know each other professionally or socially please connect with me on any of my major profiles. You can even rate and review me on one of them so here is your chance is one of my favorites but not as big as some of the others. You can come on here and leave me real feedback and even give me a star rating. As I said, I like feedback. It is how I get better.

LinkedIn is my preferred profile but I am not as active on it as I should be.

I am pretty active on Twitter- I tweet a little on personal matters but mostly on Entreprenuership, sales and general business topics. Follow me and I will follow you back.

If you haven’t used this site it is a great way to see what kinds of startups are out there and what they are doing. Chemical sales may not seem high-tech but in today’s world you never know where the next bright idea and disruptive startup is going to come from.

Viadeo is sort of like European LinkedIn. It seems espeecially popular among French speakers and business people.

Crunchbase isn’t social media. But I do have a profile there for me and my company.


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