Best Customer Service Tips

Best Customer Service Tips

Four Tips to Provide the Best Customer Service

As a small business owner, I am in direct competition with the big boys. And when it comes to companies that work with chemicals and environmental safety, there are big companies that are my direct competition. What draws customers to my small company, Environmental Safety Incorporated, is the fact that I can provide better customer service than the big companies can.

I have worked in a few different industries, including education, and I have had businesses that have failed. This has taught me several things that I have used to train my employees and help Environmental Safety Incorporated grow.


The most important tip that I have for providing the best customer service is to listen to my customers. When I take time to listen, I not only learn about their business needs, but I learn about them as people.

I want them to know that I listen, so they feel free to tell me when products are not working for them. I take time to listen so I can best meet their needs. I train my employees to listen to everything their customers say. I don’t want my employees to listen for certain things, I want them to listen to everything.

The other tip that helps us provide outstanding customer service is that we know our products. Of course, our catalog is not as extensive as the huge corporations’ are, but this lets me choose the best products and really get to know them. However, after listening to customers, if they need something that isn’t in our catalog, I do what I can to find what they need.

Manners are Vital

Manners are incredibly important and so many people fail to use them. People truly appreciate when we say please and thank you. They appreciate when we arrive on time and when we make the phone calls we promise to make.

My employees make eye contact and they shake hands. We send handwritten thank you notes and holiday cards to our customers to make them know we care. These small things make a big difference in making customers (and all people) feel like they matter.

The last tip that I believe makes a big difference in the world of customer service is being responsive. When a customer needs something, I address the need immediately and so do my employees.

The business world moves quickly and when safety equipment is needed, it is needed now. Often, business stops when safety equipment is no longer working or it has been exhausted.

By being responsive, my customers can keep their business moving smoothly. I understand how important that is for the bottom line. At Environmental Safety Incorporated, we work with our customers to solve their problems, not create new ones.


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