Early Life

As a 1950’s kid, I was very active, in the streets playing stickball and running around until dusk came and I knew I needed to get back home.  Just like you see in the movies.

In high school, I completed 7th, 8th and 9th grades in 2 years due to an accelerated program the high school offered.  I was an undergraduate in biology at Hofstra University, New Paltz State College.  This is where I took an interest in teaching.

I began teaching at New Rochelle High and later worked at a private school named Gilbert School in Brooklyn.  I taught chemistry, physics and math.  I later moved to The George Washington School in New York and continued teaching.

Business Growth, Resets and Success

My first business was in 1980.  Named Shari Chemical Corp, after my older daughter’s name.  I was able to build this business while using a leave of absence from teaching.  This company suffered hardship and I had to close the doors.  Then in 2005, I started Environmental Safety Incorporated.  This company is a lean, small business with highly personal touch and almost no overhead and is more profitable than his much larger, earlier business had been.  This company is minus all the mistakes from the first one.

Enjoying Life

I like to think of myself as an old rock and roll soul.  I keep very active with music to this day.  I also wake up at 4am and get myself to the gym and just recently gave up bowling and softball, which were weekly occurrences. I bought myself my dream car, and get out and play a little blackjack. In short, I have come a long way, worked hard and am enjoying my life, friends and family.

My favorite communities to visit very frequently are Baiting Hollow, Riverhead and Calverton.  These neighborhoods have amazing restaurants, shopping and entertainment.  I love to take anyone who visits me from out of town to these towns and they all fall in love with them too.

Howard Wool